3 Road Safety Tips From a Professional Driving Instructor

Staying Sharp While Driving

Most driving instructors hate the term “car accidents.” That’s because most accidents are not “accidents” at all; they’re collisions that were most likely by some kind of driver error or inattention. Even if you’ve never crashed or been pulled over by the police, it’s always a good idea to find ways to stay sharp and improve your driving. Here are some road safety tips for how to stay on top of your driving game from a reliable driving instructor.

Tidy up your sloppy habits

Remember all those rules you had to remember for your driving test? Coming to a full stop at stop signs? Signaling every turn, even in reverse? We often let these good practices slip as the years pass, but some of those rules aren’t just good tips; they’re the law. So go back to the basics. When making a left turn, for example, enter the left lane on the street you turn onto; it’s the law.

Adjust your mirrors

Most drivers adjust their side mirrors so they can see the edge of their vehicle. But that area of your vehicle is already visible with the rear-view mirror. Instead, sit at the steering wheel and place your head against the driver-side window, and set the mirror so you can just barely see the edge of your vehicle. For the passenger-side mirrors, tilt your head over the center console and again adjust the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the vehicle.

Avoid being blinded by high beams

When driving at night towards an oncoming vehicle that has failed to dim its lights, instead of staring into the high beams, look to the right side of the road and follow the painted edge line, recommends the CAA. You should also keep your low beams on when following another car, to avoid blinding the driver ahead of you. You should only really use your high beams when driving on rural roads or when you’re on open highways away from urban centers.

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