Car Safety Tips Every New Driver Should Know

Car Safety Tips Every New Driver Should Know  

Tips From a Professional Driving Instructor

Like many teens, you’re probably excited to get your own car and start driving yourself to school and other places. However, before you can do so, you first have to get lessons from a reputable and reliable driving teacher. You also need to master car safety techniques that will help you avoid accidents as well as the injuries and repair costs they bring. Here are some of the safety tips you should always remember:

Always wear your seat belt

You’ve probably heard this thousands of times, but it’s something that you shouldn’t ignore. Seat belts have saved thousands of lives, and they can save yours if you ever get into a car accident. Wearing your seat belt can also save you hundreds of dollars in fines and help you avoid legal troubles.

Never drink and drive

Alcohol can impair your senses and reflexes and make it difficult for you to drive carefully. If you’re planning to drink, leave your car at home or bring someone else to drive it home for you. Better yet, avoid drinking if you know you need to drive afterward.

Avoid running through red lights

Beating the red light can be tempting especially if you’re in a hurry. But you’ll want to resist the urge; according to experts, tens of thousands of car accidents that occur each year are caused by drivers who speed through stop lights and end up colliding with other motorists. Keep yourself and others safe by following traffic lights.

Follow speed limits at all times

Speed limits are there to keep motorists safe, not to take the fun out of driving. Follow them to the letter to avoid getting a speeding ticket and getting into a car accident.

Take note of these tips to stay safe on the road! If you still need to take driving lessons, get in touch with Pennsylvania Driving School. We’re a driving instructor in Philadelphia, PA and can help you master traffic rules and driving techniques. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (215) 464-1855!