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Pennsylvania Driving School
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 11 reviews
by Dwayne Lexington on Pennsylvania Driving School
the best driving teacher ever

When my friend Paul had his driving course going I still hadn’t decided if I wanted to start mine just yet. But he was so happy with his driving teacher that I just had to enroll, too. Thanks, man, for bearing with me all that time. I sure didn’t make it easy for you but you managed to make a driver out of me. You are the best!

by Kim Jones on Pennsylvania Driving School
thanks a million

I passed both my written and practical tests for the first time with excellence so your driving lessons really did the trick! Thanks a million for all the advice, patience and “you got this” words!

by Sean Delaware on Pennsylvania Driving School

I had an awesome driving instructor, perhaps the best there is in Pennsylvania! I highly recommend this company if you are on the lookout for an instructor yourself.

by Clarke S. Morrison on Pennsylvania Driving School
10 out of 10

The best about my driving experience was that my driving instructor was not like the regular teacher we have at school. He was kind of like a friend which made the whole thing a lot easier and interactive. 10 out of 10 points for you!

by Millie Brown on Pennsylvania Driving School

I had the absolute best driving teacher. Parallel parking was my biggest nightmare when my classes started but at the end of the course, I really felt secure behind the wheel both when driving and parking. All thanks to my teacher!

by Angela Stevens on Pennsylvania Driving School
not your average student

I had never experienced the need to learn how to drive until I entered adulthood and my two beautiful children started school. Finding a driving school whose main focus wasn’t only on teens was a bit of a challenge as I wanted to get just as much attention as everyone else. A colleague recommended your school because she had taken memory refreshing classes with you before and was quite happy. What can I say, you did a great job teaching me! Hands down!

by H. Bristol on Pennsylvania Driving School
I can drive now!

I can’t believe I can drive now! All because of these driving lessons! My instructor managed to make a driver out of this timid kid that walked in on the first day of classes. Many thanks and a hug!

by Rebecca Smith on Pennsylvania Driving School
Special thanks

I was quite hesitant about picking a driving school as I was getting all these mixed reviews from friends and families. At the end, I stumbled upon this one and it really was the best decision I could have made. I would like to give my special thanks to my personal instructor who was exceptionally patient and really taught me everything there is about safe driving.

by Sam J.K. on Pennsylvania Driving School
Thank you

I wish I had just as good driving classes when I was a teen as my son had at this school. Great folks, great teaching. Thank you!

by Elizabeth Sommers on Pennsylvania Driving School

As a parent of a teen who had just entered the “all my friends are starting their driving classes and so should I” state, I was quite worried about letting my daughter go on hers unaccompanied. Thankfully, this company allows parents to accompany their teens during their lessons and the staff, I must say, is truly amazing. If you are in my shoes and are wondering what to do, you will not regret enrolling your kid in this driving course. Worth every penny!

by Carla Maples on Pennsylvania Driving School
Thank you!

I am really thankful I had such an amazing driving instructor who really helped me get the feel of control over the vehicle and not the other way around. Thank you!

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